Tribute to Craig Covey

Published August 15, 2016

My husband recently lost his oldest and dear friend, Craig Glenn Covey. It was the friendship between Craig and my husband that inspired the book, Beaver Creek Blues. These two faced a lot of problems during their “tween” years. I believe it was their friendship and the support of their families and church that helped them face their problems and become wonderful men.

Craig and his dear, sweet wife of 45 years, Becky, lost their son, Travis, to cystic fibrosis at the age of 25 five and a half years ago.

This tribute I presented at Craig’s memorial service. While reading this tribute, you will get a glimpse of the book, Beaver Creek Blues.


Every Christmas, my wonderful grandfather looked around the living room at each of us as he handed out our presents and said, “Children, gifts from under the tree are nice to have, but the best gift of all is the gift of each other!”

Craig Covey was a gift to us all.

Craig Covey was a gift who …

  • taught us what a husband and a father should be.
  • made us laugh and gave us the incentive to find joy in the today.
  • taught us how to adapt when life threw a curve ball, or even worse, an illegal quick return.
  • showed us the merit in doing one’s homework to be prepared for one’s job.
  • taught us not only is it good to hear with your ears… but also to listen with your heart.
  • demonstrated that a friend doesn’t try to change who you are, but a friend just might show you a better way to be.
  • showed us that it’s good to value your old friends, and… it’s good to welcome the new.
  • believed that friends are forever…and…sisters are, too!

Craig Glenn Covey was a gift that will live forever in our hearts!