The Tall and the Short of It

Published March 22, 2016

TylerRoseFriday, March 18, 2016, was a momentous day. Grand-nephew Tyler Rose graduated from the Winston-Salem Police Academy Class 69 here in North Carolina. No, he was not the one to get any honors, but, in true fashion and according to the class speaker, he provided some comic relief for the group during a very rigorous and demanding training period. There has never been a situation when he couldn’t employ humor and that endearing grin to turn a tenuous situation into a moment of laughter.

At almost six feet eight, Tyler was very competitive on the basketball court at Calvary Baptist and West Forsyth. Even though playing basketball in high school could be very tense and always demanding, Tyler could remember what every player did on the court and analyzed the entire game afterwards. The tall of it is that Tyler cared about not only what he did on the court but also what every player on the team did on the court. He cared about teamwork and making the moves that were the best for the team.

Chief Roundtree and the citizens of Winston-Salem have a young man who will serve them well. I believe that Tyler will be able to employ that endearing grin to diffuse tense situations or to show understanding when a civilian needs to know that there is someone on his/her side. I believe that Tyler will be able to carry out his duties with a sense of fairness and with a sense of the role he will have as a policeman in a forever changing political climate. I believe that Tyler will employ appropriate responses to the many unexpected and varied situations he will face. I believe that Tyler will respect the players on his team and the citizens of Winston-Salem.

The tall of it is that Winston-Salem will have a good employee. The short of it is that a policeman’s life is full of danger and unknown situations. It is a life that not only the policeman lives but also the life that his family lives each and every day. I know because Tyler’s dad, my nephew, is a Winston-Salem police officer too. It is my hope that Tyler did indeed receive world-class training. There can never be enough!

My best to Tyler and the rest of Class 69 for long and rewarding careers!

~ Mary Ann Rose Hart, Tyler’s great aunt