Mid-Week Book Club in High Point, NC: 90 Years of Supporting Books and Authors

Published January 18, 2016

The Mid-Week Book Club in High Point, NC, served me a beautiful meal at Emerywood Country Club and allowed me to share with them the writing about young Mary Ann in my first book, Mary Ann’s Mountain. Tom Heggie had just sent me the first color rendition of the book cover for my second book, Beaver Creek Blues, which I’m working on day and night to get into final publication form. I’m afraid I didn’t know when to stop jabbering, but I always enjoy sharing my life and book. My mother, very special grandparents, my three brothers, special aunts and uncles, and the mountain community in which I grew up made my life very rich.

Bonnie Cashion told me after the meeting that she brought my cousin, David Baldacci, to speak about Absolute Power, his first book, to the High Point Literary League. She fell in love with him as a person and as a writer.

It was obvious the love for books that Bonnie has and the seriousness of the group when exchanging books and sharing with each other the variety of genres they read. (I did a lot of eavesdropping!)

I will be speaking this month and next to several books clubs and groups. I’m sure that I will witness the same love for books in the other groups.

Thank you, Lois Markham, my friend, for the invitation to speak to your wonderful book club that will turn 90 years of age in May!