High Point Public Library Local Authors Event

Published November 10, 2015


Yesterday was a good day for local authors in the beautiful High Point Public Library. There were 28 authors there including myself. Chris Roerden shared her esteemed advice for writers. What an honor to have been in her presence! For those of you from Dickenson County, Virginia, Chris reminded me of Oma Childress, master of the English language and the written word.

Thank you, Nancy, Adrian and Maxine for planning this event and assisting with details. I know it takes much time and effort to see such a project through to the end.


If anyone has not seen the beautiful artwork of Cara Bevan in a picture book called, Improbable Never Impossible, you are missing out. The animals are so exquisite. Living on a farm in Trinity, NC, Cara knows those animals well. She has 15 cats along with dogs and other animals. Yes, they each have a name, and Cara knows their different personalities and quirks. Cara is available at www.carabevan.com. Her coffee table book called “The Paintings of Cara Bevan: the First Five Years” is beautiful.

I had a very moving moment when I met Cynthia, a tutor at the library for adult literacy. She purchased several of my books for her students, ranging in age from 24 to 70. Her story about tutoring was very inspirational.

Of course, Rebecca Cochran’s flute concert in Greensboro ended our weekend on a perfect NOTE! Thank you, Rebecca, for such beautiful music.