Bristol Tennessee and Wise County, VA Elementary Schools Rate High (in my opinion)!

Published November 3, 2015

I had the honor to speak and to read to the fifth and sixth grade students at Haynesfield and Anderson elementary schools in Bristol, Tennessee, last Thursday and Friday. Despite the fact that this was days before Halloween, the students were very attentive. At both schools, I saw evidence of order and manners being taught. Just like Coeburn Middle School where I spoke in September, I saw students who had good manners and who were attentive. Teachers were warm and friendly but professional in their interactions with students. I sensed that students were comfortable in their setting and respected their teachers very much.

We need these strong public schools. As a former public school teacher, I feel that the future of our nation depends on educating everyone well and that public schools can do their jobs with good dedicated staff, appropriate funding, and support for school programs.

Thank you Haynesfield, Anderson, and Coeburn Middle for showing how public schools can succeed!