A Great Day for Women in Print, Jamestown, NC

Published October 6, 2015

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Saturday, October 3rd, was a great day for a local women authors’ event sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma International Society for Key Women Educators. Who knew there were so many North Carolina women authors? Who knew that so many books address the interests of pre-K through 12th graders? So many books that I’m sure I bought the most books—yeah, I go there to sell my books and participate on a panel and end up buying way more books than I sold!

You need to read Grandma’s Handgrown Love by Debbie Linville. Debbie wrote this book for her aging grandmother and for the pre-K-7 year-old group. Parallel themes make the book interesting. A longtime educator and now a professor at Salem College, Debbie’s books have study guides and great play with words.




Julia Taylor Ebel had so many different published books, but I chose Mama’s Wreaths, a book of poetry for ages 8-80! This book got high praise from authors like Fred Chappel and Terri Kirby Erickson. Julia also transcribed the stories of Orville Hicks, Jack Tales and Mountain Yarns As Told By Orville Hicks. Jack Tales are always fun! Julia’s books have study guides.

Freckles and the Great Beach Rescue by Ellen Bryant Lloyd is a Mom’s Choice Awards and Moonbeam Choice Awards book. I bought 3 of these books for the little ones in the family. Ellen’s theme is “believe in yourself!” Ellen’s website invites readers to join in with fun games and help plan Freckle’s next adventure.

High interest and low level vocabulary with enough interesting terms and new words to grab the attention of teen readers, Bonnie Doerr nails it! In her series beginning with Island Sting, Bonnie’s books showcase a sixth grade girls’ interactions with a boy of interest, a recently broken home, making new friends and the feelings and turmoil that come with all of these life-changing moments. Of course, throw in a mystery and a cause and the reader can’t put the books down! Study guides go with the books.




Talk about riveting adventure, Judith Geary’s award-winning historical fiction, Getorix’s: The Eagle and The Bull, a celtic adventure in ancient Rome. I’ve only just read a section, but already I can tell that this book would appeal to adults as well. Massive research had to have gone into this book. I’m eager to finish reading it. Study guides go with the book.



Don’t forget to read Mary Ann’s Mountain and read all the Kirkus review at kirkusreviews.com.

“In this debut novel set in the late 1950s, young Mary Ann shares stories about life on a mountain farm in Virginia. . . . These lively tales inspired by her life indeed serve as a striking showcase of postwar childhood. . . . Her novel may attract general interest as well, give how its plucky heroine and family-positive spirit are reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie and other beloved children’s classics. . . . her narrative is full of feisty characters (and cats) as well as gentle images. . . . A charming debut full of endearing family stories with universal appeal.”

Kirkus Reviews



Thank you, Delta Kappa Gamma for all the tedious preparation that went into this event. I hope you do it again next year and hope that floods and winds don’t keep so many folks away.