Excerpt from Chapter – “’Til the Cows Come Home”

Published September 26, 2015

Mary Ann’s Mountain by Mary Ann Rose Hart

Excerpt from Chapter – “’Til the Cows Come Home”:

Mary Ann, hurry and put your school things down.
Go git on an extra sweater under your coat and put
your rubber galoshes over your shoes for extra warmth. You
and Lassie have to go bring in the heifers that are about to
calve. My records show it’s near their time. In fact, it’s time to
keep the heifers in the barn until they calve. It looks like it’s
about to weather. I see snow clouds a-buildin’ over the Clinch
Mountains. The temperature is droppin’ fast. Put the whistle
around your neck. If there is trouble, blow one long and one
short blast as loud as you can. Don’t forgit the cattle prod.
Now, hurry along!”

Lassie seems to always know what my grandmother asks us
to do. Lassie barks and dances back and forth in front of me as
if to say, “Let’s get the move on!”