Excerpt from Chapter – “Wild Thing the Courageous”

Published September 23, 2015

Mary Ann’s Mountain by Mary Ann Rose Hart

Excerpt from Chapter – “Wild Thing the Courageous”:

Mommy is up at 4:30 every morning. She usually lets
me sleep until 6:00, when I get out of bed to help
with morning chores and get ready for school. This morning,
however, Lassie’s incessant barking gets us all out of bed early.
From outside, we hear a strange howling come from the barn.
The mule is braying as if the world is coming to an end. Poppy
grabs his .22 rifle. Mommy grabs a hoe and the oil lantern.

We hurry to the barn with Lassie bounding ahead of us. We
stand at the barn door, listening to see what all the commotion
is about. Cautiously, Poppy eases the barn door open. Wild
Thing is standing his ground between the mule and a coyote.
With ears flat against his head, tail thumping the ground, back
arched high, and hair on the ridge of his back standing straight
up, Wild Thing makes his intent known with his hisses.