Excerpt from Chapter – “Wild Thing Comes to the Mountain”

Published September 17, 2015

Mary Ann’s Mountain by Mary Ann Rose Hart

Excerpt from Chapter – “Wild Thing Comes to the Mountain”:

H ey, little sis! How’s the world treatin’ you?”

I answer my brother Dale with a great big smile. He
squeezes my shoulder. I sure do like seeing my brothers.

Kyle, my oldest brother, looks me over and exclaims, “Little
sis, I believe you’ve grown an inch since September! Come
here, and let’s see if your head comes to my shoulder.”

“No way that’s a fair assessment of my height. You are as
tall as Poppy now. What are you eatin’ anyhow? I hope it hasn’t
been Lucy Lou.”

Kyle looks surprised. “Aw, shucks! What happened to Lucy
Lou? Did Uncle Culley have to take her to market?”

“Yeah. Mommy and Poppy said that bottle-feedin’ a calf
wears a body down. They got her fattened up enough for the
stock market. Some restaurant got some good veal, though.
Mommy Laurie told me I couldn’t name another calf.”