Caney Ridge Book Signing

Published May 7, 2015

The reunion and book signing at Rachel’s Chapel Church, just off Caney Ridge, brought friends and family to talk and talk and talk! How often do we wish for more time to sit down and catch up? The community of folks who supported me in my early days showed up to support me even though I am a much older gal and have been gone for many years. That’s just how this mountain community is. Each and every person was pleased that this little mountain girl had published a book! Each and every person felt, most rightly so, that my accomplishment was theirs. Each and every person was as pleased for me as they were when I sang solos at church or for school functions. (Many still call me “the little songbird”!) Now, how could a kid with that kind of support go wrong? No matter what one thinks of Hilary Clinton or Malcolm Gladwell, it does take a village to raise a child!

Somehow, the signing at Rachel’s Chapel made me feel that old friendships had not skipped a beat or even a year or two! My aunt, Royal Ines, was a constant flow of chatter as she caught me up on what had happened in different folks’ lives. Without her, the book signing would not have been so special. (And, Vickie, thanks for the good cushion on the hard chair! Jeanette, thanks for getting the word out!) I just wish that Uncle Ray could have been there!

Mother came to visit old friends. Brother Thurston made sure she was there. Brother Kyle and his wife, Sonia, were there as well to celebrate Mother’s recent 95th birthday. Cousins Phil and Greg were there with their families to see their Aunt Christine. So, my book signing was successful for many reasons. The only problem was: I couldn’t sit down with each and every person and just talk!

Thank you, Rachel’s Chapel, for bringing me back to my home church and receiving me so graciously. I love you all!